Hi friends!  Thank you for visiting my studio, I am grateful for the opportunity to create a beautiful piece of art for you.

NOTE:  I am currently booked to October, so there are limited spaces left before the end of year… and holidays! 🙂  Each painting takes care and time. I look forward to creating a work of art you’ll love. Please book early so that I’ll have time to complete your masterpiece!  Thank you so much.  Your artist friend – Caroline

How, When & Why:

How is it different? Each piece is 100% hand made by myself (artist) and my partner Sam (wood worker).  Check our Process to see what makes these pieces unlike any other.

When should I order? When considering art for the holidays or a special occasion, please reserve as far in advance as you can.  Each painting is done with great care & takes time. The holidays in particular are busy, so ordering in advance ensures yours will be done.

Why choose Alpha Mare? As an animal lover my entire life, and the mom of both horses and dogs, I understand deeply what it means to love an animal and what it takes to bring that unique personality to life through paint. The first painting I created was for myself, and the rest grew from word of mouth to what it is today.  I’ll let the clients speak for themselves…

“I absolutely love it. You are incredibly talented and I will definitely be ordering more from you in the future! Thank you for making such a wonderful work of art for me 🙂 “  – Sasha M.

” I just received the painting. It is incredible in the pictures you sent me, but to see it in person was unbelievable. You did an absolutely fantastic job. Absolutely stunning. Our living room will be decorated with your paintings. Such good quality.” – Chase D.

“OMG….looks awesome!!!! Wow!!! LOVE IT! Can’t wait to see it in real.  Thanks so much, I am so excited!”  – Andrea H.

“I love it and I am about to cry. Thank you so much. You do an amazing job and your paintings really do capture the individual pet. Thank you so much again.” – Amanda G.

“All I can say is that the boys  were truly awed.  I’ve never seen either of them this excited to decide where to place a piece of art.  Truly, they were overwhelmed as to the beauty and how perfectly you captured Buddy and Max.  I really can’t thank you enough!” – Courtney W.

“Good morning! Joker arrived safe and sound last night. He is gorgeous…..many thanks for immortalizing him!” – Jan W.

“Oh my gosh, I love it so much. My daughter is going to cry so hard. Thank you so much.” – Elizabeth C.

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For all inquiries, including questions regarding barn wood art and other types of art, please contact me directly at artist@alpha-mare.com.

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