About Caroline

Caroline was born in Florida, inheriting her artistic talent from her namesake grandmother (ceramics, weaving, enamels) and grandfather (sculptor). Like many of you, she has been an avid animal lover her entire life.

Caroline graduated from the University of SC with a BA in Art with emphasis in drawing.

After following a more traditional path for many years (as a marketing executive), Caroline always dabbled with painting and drawing as a hobby.

In 2016 she painted a white horse on 4 joined reclaimed Barnwood planks (as pictured in the Alpha Mare logo).  Friends and family began asking for similar paintings, and before she knew it, Alpha Mare as a business was born, and she became a full time artist.

Caroline’s life has been greatly influenced by her son, a two time cancer and kidney disease survivor.  She has become a passionate advocate for Make a Wish as well as the Trailblaze Challenge (both raising funds for Make a Wish). She frequently donates art to raise money to the cause, as well as others such as animal rescues and schools.

“I thank you for considering my art. I look forward to creating a special piece for you!”

Here are all of the ways to get in touch:

FB Messenger: Facebook.com/AlphaMareStudio
Call or text: 864-238-2857

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