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Hi, I am Caroline.  I began Alpha Mare several years ago after painting a white horse on barn wood for my own home.  Upon seeing it, friends began requesting similar paintings, and I found myself creating Alpha Mare as a full time art studio!

Within the same time frame I met my partner in life and in art, Sam.  He is a masterful wood & metal worker. Together we have joined our talents to take Alpha Mare from humble beginnings to an extremely high level of quality and detail with multiple types of high-end art offerings.

Here is a little about each of us & the craft behind each painting:


Like many of you, I’ve been an animal lover my entire life.  It’s an honor to be able to do this and bring happiness to others through art.

Whether it is a portrait of  your beloved pet,  or a wildlife painting of the creatures we admire, I  always do my best to bring out the true spirit of each soul in a painting.

I love using the medium of wood, as I feel it adds warmth and character, as well as breathing second life to such a naturally beautiful material.

Wood also allows for different species, textures, and edges, which bring art to life in a unique way.

Each painting is created using long lasting, high quality oils, and is signed.  We typically do not do prints, so your painting is a one of a kind, created with love.


Sam’s attention to detail and craftsmanship are second to none.  He brings his expertise from a career of high-end interior work on new homes, as well as historical home renovations. He creates wood canvases that are a work of art even before paint has touched them.

Each canvas begins with choosing the best wood, cutting it accurately, sanding all sides, and staining all sides so it is fully sealed.

For canvases that use multiple planks, like the one pictured here, he uses a planer, hidden screws and biscuit joints to create a virtually seamless canvas that is smooth as glass and will last a lifetime. This type of joinery can only be found in the highest quality custom wood furniture. Special care is taken to match wood grain whenever possible so the multi plank canvases appear as one solid piece of wood.

These canvases could be used for furniture, they are so beautiful, and the smooth, seamless surface allows me to add a wonderful level of detail to each painting.

Thank you for taking a little time to get to know us. I look forward to creating a work of art for you!

Here are all of the ways to get in touch:

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