Bridle Racks

Your bridle rack is fully custom (your horse).

Entirely hand made.  

Your bridle rack painting is assembled using several planks of wood. We hand choose the wood, plane each board for straightness, join them with a special technique (virtually no seams).

The canvas is sanded & stained, and then after painting is finished with a coat of satin Polycrylic.

The horse shoe hooks are hand welded here in house, and I create the painting using oils. Hangers are included on the back so it’s ready to hang when it arrives home with you.

 “It’s the absolute most beautiful painting! It’s everything I ever wanted!!!! Brought tears to my eyes! ” – Stef, CA

I LOVE the long board piece I bought for my barn! It includes all 8 horses and shoes for each bride. It’s the talk of the barn! Thank you.” – Mary, WY

Reserve Your Bridle Rack:

Note: This limited special is $100 off normal pricing for the 18×11 size bridle racks.  Limited special please (4 remain). I’ll put a notice here when it’s full. Thank you!

Choose from 3 sizes:

LG: 30″ x 22″ | 3 hooks: $899
MD: 24″ x 15.5″ | 2 hooks: $699
SM: 18″ x 11″ | 1 hook: $550 $450

Reserve ANY size with a $199 deposit (After you order I will send an email to confirm which size you chose as well as details):

* Note: I do offer bulk discounts, monthly installments & sizes & shapes not listed here. Please email me at Thank you. 

Need a Custom Size for a Barn? 

I am happy to create any size you’d like. Please fill out this form for your custom request.  I look forward to talking with you.

Please use this area to give me a brief description of what you would like created. For instance, is it an animal, landscape, or human? Is there a particular size you'd like, or a spot in your home where you'd like it to hang?

After you reserve:
You will get an email from me ( to confirm your order. We will discuss your piece, and I will give you an estimated completion date, and you will get photos of your finished piece to make sure you love it before the remaining balance is due, minus your deposit.

Common Questions:

Do I need the perfect photo?  Absolutely not.  Most people typically send me several photos for reference, and I create a unique painting.  As long as I can see your horse’s features, coloring, and unique markings over multiple photos, I can use those to create a wonderful, unique painting for you.  The horse does not even have to be posed in the position he’ll be in for the painting, although if he is, that’s certainly nice!

What if I’d like to have multiple horses in one painting?  I am happy to do that.  Please add an additional $100 per pet in each painting, regardless of size.  This will be added to your final balance.

Get in Touch with Me:

I am more than happy to chat with you before & during the painting process.  The best 3 ways to reach me are email, Facebook, and texting/calling.  I am usually available all day and in the evenings, but it may take me a bit to respond, as I’m usually painting. Thank you!

Email me at
Text or call 864-238-2857

Bridle Rack Paintings Gallery:

Thank you for choosing Alpha Mare for your art! I look forward to creating a special piece for you!