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Reserve Your Custom Painting

To commission your painting, please CLICK HERE to choose your size and style and reserve online. Or, request your custom quote below.

Request Your Custom Quote

I am happy to create any size or type of painting that you’d like.  My partner is a wood artisan and can create virtually any size or shape canvas, even using different species of wood.  Because everything is custom, we can create a painting to suit any size space, or style decor. I look forward to talking with you.

Please use this area to give me a brief description of what you would like created. For instance, is it an animal, landscape, or human? Is there a particular size you'd like, or a spot in your home where you'd like it to hang?

Get in Touch with Me:

I am happy to chat with you before & during the painting process.  The best 3 ways to reach me are email, Facebook, and texting/calling.  I am usually available all day and in the evenings, but it may take me a bit to respond, as I’m usually painting. Thank you!

Email me at
Text or call 864-238-2857