Originals for Sale

These are originals from my heart.  All done on artisan-crafted wood canvases (hand-created for seamless beauty by my partner, Sam) & painted in oils.  Click “Reserve Now” to purchase your favorite piece, or email me at artist@alpha-mare.com to commission something personal.

Note: If you want your 15% discount because you’ve donated to Make a Wish this month, send an email to artist@alpha-mare.com and I’ll send you a special invoice for your piece with the discount. Thank you!

Each piece includes a hanger, care instructions, and a thank-you note from me.  Shipping is complimentary in the US.

Thank you as always,

Southern Color


Oils on three joined 100+ year old Heart Pine boards.  Signed original. Slightly over 4 feet tall.



Oils on hand-aged wood plank.  Signed original. 3 feet wide.