If you have reserved a painting, or are planning to reserve one, we offer 4 upgrades for you to consider to enhance or personalize your special piece.

These upgrades can be applied to new orders, or to existing orders in most sizes in all 3 categories of paintings: horses > , dogs/cats > , wildlife >

“Caroline, I just received the artwork and it took my breathe away. The detailing is exquisite and I am so grateful.” – Kristynn M

Choose from 4 Upgrade Options Below:

  1. Exotic Wood
  2. Live Edge
  3. Exotic Inlay
  4. Brass Nameplate

1. Exotic Wood:

Our paintings are normally created on straight planks of either White Pine or Poplar. However, we have a wonderful source for exotic woods if you would prefer an upgrade.

Pictured here are two slabs of North American Wild Cherry.

These slabs boast gorgeous live edges, and are only about an inch in thickness, so they are perfect (light enough) for wall art.

These are just two examples of the nearly endless array of what we can provide in exotic, unique, and reclaimed wood.  Have an idea? Just ask!

We can source pretty much any type of wood you would like, including

  • Black Walnut
  • Cherry
  • Oak
  • Reclaimed barn wood
  • and many more…

If you are interested in upgrading an existing order, or considering a new order using exotic wood, please email me at artist@alpha-mare.com or call/text us at 864-238-2857 so we can discuss what might work best for you.


2. “Life” Edge:

You don’t have to choose an existing slab of exotic wood in order to get this gorgeous live-edge look for your art.

A “Live” edge on a slab of wood refers to the edges of the wood following the natural curve of the tree, sometimes with bark remaining, sometimes where bark has been stripped and smoothed.

What we have coined as a “Life” edge refers to man-made curves that simulate a natural live edge look. Sam (the woodworker half of Alpha Mare) is able to use his skills to create this in situations where getting an actual slab of the proper size and shape may be cost prohibitive, or impossible to find.

Example pictured: Sam custom-created this piece (in my left hand) from 3 planks of straight Poplar (in my right hand).

This customer requested a live edge canvas, 4 feet wide, of this particular shape, made to look like Black Walnut.

This is a fantastic way to really add a touch of uniqueness to your piece, and we can do this for virtually any of the sizes and pieces that we offer.

If you are interested in upgrading to a “Life” edge for a piece you’ve already ordered, please specify that in our correspondence, and please add 15% to the total of your order.

3. Exotic Inlay:

A fantastic way to dress up any piece is our Exotic Inlay option.  With this option we inset (flush with the surface of the wood) our beautiful Curly Brazilian Cherry for this wonderful, high end look.

The inlay gives a unique, almost-framed appearance to your art, and is a wonderful combination of two art forms (wood inlay & the painting itself).

If you are interested in upgrading to an exotic inlay for a piece you’ve already ordered, please specify that in our correspondence, and please add 20% to the total of your order.

4. Brass Nameplate:

Adding a brass, engraved name plate is a wonderful way to personalize your piece, particularly if it is a gift, or for a pet that has passed.

Your nameplate can have up to two rows of text, and is attached using screws for a professional finish.

If you are interested in adding a nameplate to a piece you’ve already ordered, or for a new order, please simply add $35 per nameplate to your order total, and let me know in an email that you’d like this option. 

Questions about this? Email me at artist@alpha-mare.com or call/text us at 864-238-2857.

Get in Touch with Me:

I am happy to chat with you before & during the painting process.  The best 3 ways to reach me are email, Facebook, and texting/calling.  I am usually available all day and in the evenings, but it may take me a bit to respond, as I’m usually painting. Thank you!

Email me at artist@alpha-mare.com
FB: facebook.com/alphamarestudio
Text or call 864-238-2857


Thank you for choosing Alpha Mare for your art! I look forward to creating a special piece for you!